Updating dsiEMVX.ocx For Touch Dynamic Tablets

This document shows how to update a specific file for the Touch Dynamic 10 Inch tablets running EMV.

This technical note only applies to updating tablets. No other devices should be updated.

This document only applies to touch dynamic machines running dsiEMVX.ocx lower than version 1.52


  1. Pick up the Touch Dynamic

  2. Close any open eGenuity software (Business Operations, eGenuity, etc etc)

  3. Download the file at the bottom of this document (dsiEMVX_TouchDynamic_152.zip)

  4. Open the file explorer and browse to the location the file downloaded. This is typically the downloads folder (C:\Users\{UserName}\Downloads). Depending on the browser you are using, you can also right click the downloaded file in the bottom left of the browser and choose “Show in Folder”. This will take you directly to the folder it was downloaded.

  5. Right click the zip file named “dsiEMVX_TouchDynamic_152.zip“.

  6. Choose properties

  7. If the option to “Unblock” appears at the bottom of the general tab, check mark it, click “Apply”, and click “Ok”

  8. Right click the zip file named “dsiEMVX_TouchDynamic_152.zip“.

  9. Choose “Extract All”

  10. Click “Extract” in the window that opens

  11. In the newly extracted folder, right click the dsiEMVX.ocx file

  12. Click copy

  13. Browse to C:\eGenuity\Bin

  14. Right click anywhere in the folder and choose paste

  15. When prompted click “Replace the File in the Destination”

  16. Restart the tablet