InvoMax Update

Note: This update first requires InvoMax version

If you’re not already on version, please contact InvoMax for assistance: 800-468-6629

Fixes / Resolutions 

  • Resolved Engine Specifications to be corrected without causing change of vehicle or loss of specs 

  • Resolved the Abarth switching issue when changing a previous vehicle, would change to a 1960 Abarth

  • Resolved the History of Estimate Revision to print out on repair order

  • Resolved the prompt for Backup on application close

  • Resolved the missing Notepad (F4) button, now appears on toolbar  

  • Driverside utility now actively uploading

  • Resolved Quotes to properly be assigned and no longer posting under Service History

  • Email Prompt now appears on invoice under customer information section


  • Toolbar has been enhanced to a standard Windows toolbar


  • No internet connection- InvoMax will be operational with limited functionality. Vehicle file up to year 2016, program level will run at Companion mode. Limited reporting capabilities.  

  • Removed cell phone graphic- Feature to be added in upcoming release

Known Issues 

  • No manual transmissions-Feature to be added in upcoming release

  • No electric vehicles- Feature to be added in upcoming release

  • Tire-Brake-Insurance Information not printing on invoice

  • Suppliers Payable Report no longer generates information on suppliers